JPH Co., Ltd.

  • "JPH" meansJapan Perpetual Holdings

For excellent privately-held Japanese companies to continue and grow,
JPH provides perpetual sponsorship and permanent business succession.

Wishing to be your trusted partner


JPH’s Roles

JPH provides straightforward solutions to private company owners and other group holding companies who are facing the following problems:

  • No business successors within your family members for your company
  • Limited funds available to pay inheritance taxes when inheritance takes place
  • Family concern about the fair treatment of employees and the continuation of cherished company philosophy cannot usually be addressed with a conventional company sale to another company or investment fund
  • Similar concerns with other private company disposals cannot be addressed by conventional company sales

Solutions provided by JPH:

1. As a perpetual sponsor, JPH will purchase shares of your company
Once JPH acquires the shares, they will not be re-sold.
JPH is flexible about ownership percentage and investment structures (The founding family can remain as a significant shareholder, for example)
Wealth transfer across generations is easier with receipt of sale proceeds in cash
JPH is a reliable destination for subsidiary companies being sold by their parent companies
2. JPH can nurture business leaders of those companies going with JPH
JPH can appoint the best conceivable manager/CEO for your company seamlessly
If the existing CEO wishes to continue, JPH will support him/her.
In addition, JPH can train internal candidates to reach the required caliber of manager/CEO
3. Support long-term prosperity of your company
Explore appropriate business sectors
Form long-term strategies
Build robust internal and financial control systems
Perpetual Public Platform


JPH was established as a natural development from DRC Capital and its predecessor, ACTIV Investment Partners. Both prior companies are regarded as having been pioneers in the Japanese private equity investment industry

  • JPH Group as such has managed 5 investment funds in the past 20 years which have yielded consistently high returns (gross IRR 20-40%) by enhancing the intrinsic values of investee companies without the use of any external leverage.
  • DRC Capital received the “Operational Excellence Award” in 2016 in the segment of small cap/Asia-Pacific Area from Private Equity International (PEI) for its Paydesign investment performance and operations.
  • Rich and lengthy experience in business turnaround, family business restructuring and succession
  • JPH was established to overcome those limits and constraints observed in conventional PE funds whose time-framework of involvement with investee companies is rather short.

Investee companies:

Nissen, Hanae Mori, Sotec, Toptour, Yumeshin Holdings, Casa, Paydesign, Universal Home, HUBees, Kojitsu-Sanso, Seiban, Chan Luu

Expert in Intrinsic Value Enhancement


The JPH management team consists of members who have extensive experience in management consulting, investment banking, trading house, manufacturing, financial administration, and international organizations such as the World Bank.

Toru ShikibuChairmanMore

Toru Shikibu Chairman

2017 : Auditor of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance
2016 : Joined DRC Capital
2015 : Advisor/Auditor of Societe General
2013-2015 : Representative in Asia, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
2010-2013 : Advisor for Asia, Office of Outreach and Partnerships, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC
2007-2010 : Executive Director for Japan , The World Bank Group, Washington, DC.
2006-2007 : Director-General , Kinki District Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance
2004-2006 : Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs, Financial Services Agency Previously : Financial Minister-Embassy of Japan (London), Director for Securities Business Supervision-Financial Supervisory Agency, Dean of the Faculty and the Graduate School of Economics, Nagasaki University, Director-Securities Bureau Ministry of Finance, First Secretary-Delegation of Japan to the OECD (Paris, France), Deputy Budget Examiner-Budget Bureau Ministry of France
1977 : MA in International Relations from The University of Tokyo
1975 : BA in Liberal Arts (British Studies) from The University of Tokyo

Hideo AomatsuCEOMore

Hideo Aomatsu CEO

1999- : CEO and Head of investment management team at ACTIV Investments Partners now DRC Capital
1996-1999 : President of Rothschild Japan K.K.
1992-1996 : Japan Representative of N M Rothschild & Sons, Ltd.
Previously : VP-M&A for JPMorgan (New York), Industrial Project Finance Officer for the World Bank (Washington D.C.) and a corporate strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, Inc. (Tokyo).
1977 : BA in Economics from Hitotsubashi University. Joined McKinsey & Company, Inc. (Tokyo).
Holds an MBA from Harvard University 1981
A member of Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), Lecturer of Kyoto University School of Management, Author of the book "Kigyo Kachi Kohgi" (Lectures on Corporate Value Management) published by Nikkei Publishing Inc. 2008, Regular writer of Nikkei Evening Edition column “Jujiro” (Crossroad) since 2014

Naoto MizoguchiCOOMore

Naoto Mizoguchi COO

2005- : Partner of ACTIV Investment Partners now DRC Capital
2000-2005 : GM-Strategic Planning & CIO for New Business Initiative Division of Mitsubishi Corporation.
1999 : EVP at Mitsubishi Corporation Capital.
1998 : GM - Strategic Planning & Development Dept. of Minerals and Non-Ferrous Metals Division at Mitsubishi Corporation.
1981-1997 : Engaged extensively in large-scale investments in Australian coal mining and export companies and assets in Mitsubishi Corporation and served as a director at a JV coal mining firm in Australia.
1972 : Joined Mitsubishi Corporation. Engaged in technology transfer businesses. Harvard Business School on the company scholarship (1979-1981).
1972 : Bachelor of Engineering (Applied Mathematics) from The University of Tokyo.
Holds an MBA from Harvard University 1981.

Koichi FukunagaCTOMore

Koichi Fukunaga CTO

2011- : CEO - O-Flex Business Consulting
2009-2011 : Senior Director, Integrated Solutions, Oracle Consulting Services
2003-2009 : Nominated as IBM Distinguished Engineer in 2003; Partner of IBM Business Consulting Services KK
1995- : Assigned to Business Consulting arm of IBM
1983-1994 : IBM Japan, Ltd.(Tokyo Research Laboratory, Multi-media Operations)
1974-1983 : Mitsubishi Research Institute (Various contract research and software development)
1972 : Bachelor of Engineering (Applied Mathematics) from The University of Tokyo
1974 : Master of Engineering (Information Technology) from The University of Tokyo
1991 : PhD – Engineering from Waseda University
Lecturer / Visiting Professor at Hosei University
Lecturer / Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Kyushu Institute of Technology

Mr Hideo Aomatsu, CEO, is engaged in various social activities such as teaching at Kyoto University Graduate School of Management since 2007, writing articles for Nikkei Newspaper Evening Version column ‘Jujiro’ (Crossroad) regularly (every two months) since 2014, and advising a start-up venture founded in Israel.

Experienced Senior Management


JPH Co., Ltd.
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Group Companies

Super Resin, Inc.

Super Resin, Inc.
2283 Sakahama Inagi, Tokyo 206-0822 Japan
TEL:+81-42-331-3611 FAX:+81-42-331-3100

An engineering company that focuses on research, analysis, design, and supply of special and high spec fabricated parts and components. Such activity is based on high technology composite materials such as carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastics, in particular for aircraft, space and military applications. In addition such technologies also serve makers of liquid crystal panel fabrication equipment under special supply contracts from those customers. Founded in 1957. Super Resin has supplied materials to many famous products including the face of The Tower of The Sun in EXPO ’70 and parts for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) asteroid explorer Hayabusa 2. Such a history demonstrates that this company represents an unequalled technological force in the Japanese economy.


1 chome Wa 47 Tsurugi Honmachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa 920-2121 Japan
TEL:+81-76-273-1171 FAX:+81-76-273-3725

Manzairaku Sake Kura Co., a “sake” brewery with a 300 year history located in a town of Tsurugi, Hakusan City in Ishikawa Prefecture blessed with holy pure water from Hakusan Mountain. Its “sake” is held in high esteem and has been awarded a number of international prizes including Gold Prize in KURA MASTER Competition (France) in 2019. Further, its premium plum wine with the famous brand name of “Kaga Umeshu”, which the sake brewery produces based on the technology it has cherished for sake brewing, receives distinctive supports internationally as a special plum wine created from the pure water of Hakusan and plums from Kaga.

JPH Co., Ltd. Remains as their Perpetual Parent


March 30, 2020 JPH Co., Ltd. acquired 90% of common stock of Manzairaku Sake Kura Co.,Ltd.
July 30, 2019 JPH Co., Ltd. acquired 100% of common stock of Super Resin, Inc.
October 18, 2018 JPH Co., Ltd. was established as a 100% subsidiary of JPH Group K.K..